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Plates — is a network for road users, allows to control the situation on the roads and warn other participants of the road conditions.Identifier in the Plates is not a person's name and licence plate of the car or motorcycle.
Imagine that you can send a message to the owner of any vehicle, only stating his number!
Besides being able to send messages or pictures on the automobile and motorcycle numbers, the application allows:
- To search for users by number car or motorcycle;
- To see the users of the application on a map in real time;
- Send anonymous messages;
- Add other road users to friends;
- Send the "public" messages, visible to all;
- And have fun!
Also, users can be registered not only as owners of vehicles, but also pedestrians and cyclists, without specifying numbers.
We wish you lots of fun and good luck on the road!
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Attention: Dear drivers! The application is not intended for use while driving a vehicle. Please be careful while driving.
When the sight on the map, the application continues to use the GPS in the background, which reduces the battery charge level.